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Business Victoria

  • Buy a new business
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  • Improved cash flow

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About Business Victoria

Looking for the most competitive high-quality business loan in Australia?

Look no further as Business Vitoria will help you find the financial assistance you need to be victorious in your business! You can access the support, assistance, and comprehensive resources you need to help you establish, operate, and develop a successful firm.

You can do the following on this website

  • Receive answers to your concerns regarding significant business challenges and find information about certain industrial sectors
  • Step through interactive instructions tailored to your company circumstances to find the government licenses and rules that apply to you.
  • discover appropriate financial assistance, guidance, and training.
  • Access business loans, grants, and even pandemic financial support.
  • Access daily updates on business news and updates in the financial world that will help you make better decisions for your business at a particular time.

Great customer service 

Get in touch with a team of highly knowledgeable consultants that will be able to give you counsel, training, and advice on different aspects of your business and key areas you can focus on to better the future of your business. They also have multiple financial solutions you can apply for, it’s quick and easy to get a tailored business loan from them.

Not only will you be able to tap into the knowledge of one of their well-experienced experts but you will also be able to access a platform of almost endless resources to make use of.

The great part is that you can freely ask questions and receive accurate, competent, and comprehensive answers with dignity and respect. This is all done quickly and easily through their database and innovative technology they make use of to make life easier for you as an entrepreneur.

Business Victoria Services

Pay rent, salaries, business expenses, marketing activities, and more with a grant or business loan from Victoria Business.

With them, you won’t only be able to access the funds you need but will also learn and receive advice on how you can utilize a short-term loan to improve your business.

Whether you're beginning a new business or want to expand an existing one, you'll find the information and guidance on their website quite beneficial. They provide a comprehensive set of tools to assist you in obtaining the most appropriate and economical financing, plus you can enjoy a one-on-one consultation to get you on the right track. 

Get a free one on one session 

Check the Small Business Bus schedule so you can speak to a business counselor or mentor about your business. They can help you to recognize a clear direction for your company and discuss what you could prioritize and key issues you should be on the lookout for.

Develop an action plan for your business with their help and reach your goals. The Small Business Bus is a mobile service that provides friendly, professional help to businesses around Melbourne and rural Victoria.

Take your business to new heights

They offer informative sessions on a wide variety of business topics for you to improve your knowledge and skills. Check out their workshop schedule on their website. The great part is that you can attend online through their remote workshop sessions or you can attend in person to get the advice you need.

This also provides you with the opportunity to meet and network with other business owners and entrepreneurs. You can also enjoy free online/phone one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Business Victoria – Business loan

  • Loan Type Business loans

Benefits of Business Victoria

  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Affordable interest rates
  • Quick and easy online applications

Business loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This business loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Business Victoria Loans – Access your business potential

How to apply

Applying for a business loan 

Step 1: Either give them a call or supply them with your contact information on their website to get in touch. You’ll need to simply complete your personal, business, and financial information to get a business loan.

Step 2: Files to Upload -Upload digital copies of your documents for verification in one step or you can submit the required documents to a branch. 

Step 3: Get Approved -Your information will be verified and processed for approval, whereupon you will then receive the required funds.

Typical information required 

  • You’ll need to demonstrate how the funds will be utilized.
  • How you are planning to meet your repayments.
  • Financial statements
  • Proof of identification.
  • Proof of address.

Benefits of a Business Victoria business loan

  • Faster processing time: Speedier processing equals faster credit for your business, allowing you to broaden your horizons and capture opportunities as they come. A timely business loan in Australia might assist you in increasing your marketing potential, streamlining your operations, and increasing your profit margins.
  • Maintaining control: You don't have to worry about losing precious assets or giving up valuable company shares in return for money since it's an unsecured business loan. As a consequence, a Business Victoria business loan enables you to preserve control of your company while still expanding it.
  • Improve your skills and overall business knowledge.
  • Manage your cash flow and enter the profitable region.
  • Achieve a balance between your business money and your company capital fund.
  • Improve your credit rating.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2018

Even though I applied online for my business loan, I still had the support of the consultants who helped me whenever I needed it.

Greg R
— Cairns —

March 2019

My loan repayments suited my business’s cash flow and this made things easier for me.

Leo H
— Sydney —

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  • GPO Box 4509, Melbourne, 3001, Australia

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  • Monday Open – 24 hours
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