The goal of LoansGuide™ is to assist Australian consumers with making personal finance decisions by providing information, advice and comparison services.

We cover a large number of finance providers in Australia and our database is constantly growing.

As part of a network of financial websites, LoansGuide™ online loans is focused on assisting borrowers with finding their way around the loan market and selecting the best product for their needs by providing reliable and comprehensive information on carefully selected personal loan and business finance providers operating in Australia.

This website is designed to help all people irrespective of their credit history. If you have bad credit history, there are solutions which can work out well for you and you can find them by using the information provided here.

We provide detailed advice on finding the right loan provider. Our financial guides will help you with managing your personal finances. They provide comprehensive information and advice on budgeting, debt managed, debt reduction and more.

Business finance

All aspects of business financing are covered with the major focus being on obtaining and managing loans and other credit products.

Personal finance

This is a vast topic which covers all types of personal credit products from quick cash loans to car loans and home loans and providers that you need to look into when shopping around.

Our bad credit section covers a range of providers who offer loans to people with bad credit.

The Ideal Loans for Your Lifestyle

Whether you apply for a personal loan to use for home renovation or you need to finance the purchase of a property, the Australian loan companies will use similar methods for assessing your eligibility. The credit score is calculated with the use of a complex formula, which varies from one bank to another. You need to use the loans Australia comparing sites to identify the best option for you.

You need to know that the details available from comparison websites are general information. The actual loan offered to you by the bank may have different terms.

About Our Services

We strive to provide the most relevant and valuable information on obtaining loans and loans for bad credit in Australia. We cover personal loans, home loans and business loans. Do you have bad credit? This should not stop you from borrowing money. Our finance experts will guide you through the right channels for obtaining a loan which matches your needs and requirements.