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University of Adelaide

  • Student loans up to $152,700
  • Interest-free loans
  • Fast loan approval

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About University of Adelaide

If you’re a student in search of a loan with quick approval, then the University of Adelaide is the ideal choice for you.

With their effective method of online loan applications, students who apply will receive quick feedback and not have to wait long to receive their loan. All your queries may be handled online by their well-experienced team who are very client-friendly. They do have a branch should you wish to set up a meeting in person or you can contact them via phone call.

They were originally founded 147 years ago, hence why their programs and student financial assistance caters to the needs of students perfectly. They also have several flexible options. They look to provide quick approval and the loan is then paid into the account of the student between a period of 5 – 9 days.

Quick and easy – completely online

To gain quick access to the capital you need to meet your educational needs. Loan approval is dependant on their student loan approval terms Their online applications aim to provide students with a more practical way of submitting applications, this assists the team of experts handling applications to process them faster and more accurately.

The details required for the application are simple and straightforward, this helps them determine what your specific financial needs as a student are and to ensure that they are fulfilled.

The allocated experts are specially trained in handling your application and making sure that the terms and repayment plan formulated are based on what you can handle taking into account your current financial situation.

University of Adelaide Services

Student loans may range between not less than $500 and not more than $2,000 with no added interest on the loans.

They have made $500 (unsecured) loans available for students that have student financial emergencies. Their trained team of client-friendly experts offers quick feedback to student loan applicants. Once you have received approval and signed your agreement, the loan is paid out to the student applicant's account within a waiting period of 5 – 9 days.

The student loan may be used to accommodate all the different expenses you may need to cover. Unsecured loans are to cover unexpected or emergency expenses that may arise. They tailor the loan to your financial capabilities taking into consideration your or your guarantor's income and expenses.

Student medical and car expenses

Most students that do not live in student accommodation areas and have to take into consideration travel costs and accommodation that does not have student subsidies. This loan may be used to cover transportation costs regardless of it is your own vehicle or using public transportation.

An unforeseeable expense like medical costs may unexpectedly arise and most students can’t afford a monthly medical scheme. This is where the unsecured loans are ideal as it is money that you urgently need for a once-off expense.

It is still applicable in this regard that loans remain interest-free for the benefit of students. They encourage students to complete their loan repayments before graduation and start within their final year of study. They are very considerate of the students who have acquired financial support and provide counselors who will discuss the flexible terms to help you repay your loan.

University of Adelaide – Student loan

  • Loan Type Student loans
  • Loan Amount up to $152,700

Benefits of University of Adelaide

  • Apply for a student loan online
  • Affordable loan options
  • No repayments while studying

Student loan calculator

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University of Adelaide - Now anyone can further their career

How can you apply for your student from Adelaide University – Fast approval

Apply in three easy steps

Step 1: Utilise their online loan application system which is very efficient, call or enquire by visiting a branch. Provide the necessary documentation such as your ID, financial statement, proof of income, and proof of address along with answering basic questions including the purpose of your loan.

Step 2: They analyze your paperwork and have a reputation of providing quick feedback in terms of either approving the student loan or requesting any further details that they might need.

Step 3: They will present you with the terms and repayment plan of your student loan should you be satisfied with what is put forward you may sign the agreement and have a waiting period of 5 – 9 days before the money is paid to the applicant's account.

Eligibility criteria

  • The student should be registered locally for a period of longer than six months.
  • They are 18 years of age or over when making the application
  • The student should be in dire need of the loan to the extent of their financial situation hindering their studies.
  • The student should show academic consistency and progression.
  • The applicant should either have a regular income or have a guarantor with a regular income.
  • Provide proof of citizenship, proof of address, if a guarantor is brought with, their necessary documentation needs to be presented.
  • Provide proof of identification/ ID.

Benefits provided by Adelaide University

  • Your repayment plan is catered to your financial situation like your income and your expenses.
  • The feedback approval is within a short period.
  • Loans are interest-free
  • Client friendly and very efficient experts to handle all your concerns.
  • Applications online to make it convenient for students.
  • No repayment while studies are in progress, only repay once you have graduated.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

I applied for credit at the University of Adelaide and my loan application was approved on the very same day.

Seth B
— Canberra —

May 2019

I would like to commend University of Adelaide for always ensuring that their clients get the best credit deals.

John L
— Perth —

May 2019

The interest rates that University of Adelaide charge on their loans are the reason why my financial life has been such a lighter burden to carry.

Mel W
— Orange —

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  • The University of Adelaide, North Terrace Adelaide SA 5005 Australia
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