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The University of Melbourne

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About The University of Melbourne

Finding an institution that strives to be the best in the world not just academically but the best in taking care of their students financially by providing quick, simple online student loans has never been easier.

Melbourne University is a growing institution that looks to make great contributions to society and most importantly provides access to quick loans to students who may need financial assistance. They have been providing hundreds of students with the financial aid needed to study the chosen field of their dreams.

Their dedication has made access to financial aid for students a much simpler process as there is no need for paperwork and the entire application may be completed online in a few minutes.

Student loans often involve a lengthy process especially having to go back and forth between your institution and your student financial service provider. Melbourne University being able to provide both by means of quick online applications has simplified the process for students.

The core categories of their activities

  • Their extensive research is to ultimately contribute to society.
  • They are dedicated to their methods of teaching and also learning. Providing a large range of engagement programs.
  • They have put in the necessary effort backed by their knowledge and inspiration to these core categories.

With providing a vast range of resources at the disposal of students, being able to determine your exact financial needs will be much simpler. With an administration that is modernized to work more swiftly and is inexpensive.

The University of Melbourne Services

Be granted a student loan of up to $5,000 with repayments being done according to a schedule with absolutely no interest added.

The student loans they provide are meant to cover a wide range of expenses you may encounter as a student. The list of student expenses will include your student accommodation, this includes any boarding or rental costs that may occur and any fee that may relate to the actual course. Before the loan is approved the potential student would have to provide a suitable guarantor.

Repayment of the student loan will begin after graduating from the course or if they decide to discontinue the course. It will follow the agreed payment schedule that was decided on when first obtaining the student loan.

International loan programs and financial aid

Despite being an international students, they also provide financial assistance such as grants or even loans that may be made available in the student’s home country for them to access.

There are also eligibility requirements in place that need to be met in order to obtain the grant of loan. Once the cost of attendance is calculated using the relevant exchange rate and is finalized it may not be adjusted with the fluctuation of the exchange rate between the currencies.

Financial Aids for dependants

Students may apply for a grant to support dependents; the institution looks at the number of dependents and the financial needs of each dependent when working out the amount that shall be paid out.

The University of Melbourne – Student loan

  • Loan Type Student loans
  • Loan Amount up to $5,000

Benefits of The University of Melbourne

  • No interest is charged on loan term student loans
  • Get a loan with the help of a guarantor
  • Easy online application

Student loan calculator

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The University of Melbourne - Take your studies further

Due to their simplified online administrative process, the simplified student loan process gives access to a team dedicated to assisting you toward studying your dream course.

Step 1: Download their long-term loan application form onto your device. Because the process is fully handled online loan the application does not need to be posted or physically handed in.

Step 2: Complete the form and save it on your device. Before submitting the form to be processed, ensure that all fields are filled out correctly.

Step 3: Email your application form to the required admin support email along with the necessary documents which are stated in the application form.

These documents should be attached to your application

  • Student ID.
  • Guarantor’s photo (ID or drivers’ license).
  • Guarantor’s proof of residential address.
  • Guarantor’s proof of citizenship.
  • Guarantor’s proof of income

An institution like Melbourne University is dedicated to making the student application process as simplified as possible. The institution only accepts guarantors above the age of 21 and over, who isn’t a student and is financially independent.

Benefits of Melbourne University financial aid

  • Online application process with access to a team willing to assist with the application process.

Students can avoid having to travel back and forth between the university and the financial institution and needing loads of paperwork for each, with the simple, efficient online application process.

  • Long term loans have no interest on them

Once repayment is due you will only have to pay back the set amount that you have loaned from them.

  • A repayment date may be discussed and set with the committee.

A repayment date may be set to cater to your financial capabilities.

  • Easily accessible online application with a written application by the student. Feedback is also received within the same week of submitting the application

By making the accessibility to forms easier by just downloading and the hand-in process via email saves a lot of time and allows the administrative team to provide feedback to the student just as fast.

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May 2019

If you looking for affordable credit offers, The University of Melbourne won’t let you down.

Ethan C
— Hobart —

June 2019

I applied for credit in the morning and got my money deposited on my bank account on the very same day.

Albert H
— Broome —

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