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About Cigno Loans

When clients are looking for a way to obtain a loan, yet have a bad credit history, they have most likely been rejected for financing and may be left wondering which way to go next.

Cigno upholds that this should not be an insurmountable obstacle, and is committed to helping clients turn the corner by offering support and the best package applicable, drawing from a proven track record of high success rates.

Simple online applications

Whether it is due to debt arrangements, inability to pay off debts timeously, or even becoming insolvent; together with Cigno, there are means to overcome. No matter how poor the credit rating or the many reasons that this can occur, there are various options to suit clients’ particular set of circumstances. 

The enthusiastic group of talented employees at Cigno are familiar with the frustrations associated and know the ins and outs of the loan application process that will get you back up on your feet, and attain funding when it’s most essential. Cigno is here to walk with you step-by-step and give you a leg up!

Cigno Loans Services

The process to apply is straightforward and takes no time at all.

Clients need not be put off by the state of their credit rating or any previous attempts made to secure loans. Cigno has an option that’s right for you. These are outlined below.

Loans with no credit check

Bad credit is the leading basis for requiring this type of loan. Among the many causes of bad credit are missed account payments, missed loan payments and insolvency. With that being said, Cigno is interested in what can be and not has passed. Here is to turning a new page and working toward financial wellbeing.

Loans While on Centrelink 

Although you may also be a Centrelink customer, there is still hope for those already facing challenges such as unemployment, retirement or having a disability. This does not mean automatic refusal of an application. Experienced staff have been successful in securing loans to assist with urgent costs in these cases

Cigno Loans – Bad credit loan

  • Loan Type Bad credit loans
  • Loan Amount up to $1,000

Benefits of Cigno Loans

  • Competitive terms
  • Quick online loan applications
  • High approval rates

Bad credit loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This bad credit loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

We can help you fix your bad credit score

Often it can be even trickier to need to loan just a small amount, as this can mean multiple rejections worsening credit history, and causing angst over lesser amounts.

In this instance, it’s best to use an organisation that does not regularly conduct credit checks. Cigno advisers are well-versed in sourcing small loans despite bad credit and achieve high approval rates.

Bad credit loan repayments:

In addition, Cigno has a few strategies for keeping you on top of repayments. Depending on the client’s wishes and on their particular situation. It can be smart to set payment dates to coincide with your income dates. We may measure your financial resources against an appropriate repayment. A convenient option could be to set up direct debits for the dates you receive your pay. Count on us to send out alerts to remind you on payday, and keep you up to speed on any costs that may arise, but rest assured that no costs are concealed.

Then there is also good news on the horizon! As soon as a bad credit loan with Cigno is paid off, you are able to immediately apply for a loan again. You will be all set up on our system and halfway there. The revelation here is that if you pay off these loans regularly and on time, it boosts your credit history and strengthens your chances of securing future loans. We at Cigna see this journey not as at an impasse, but at the beginning of the road to financial stability and more.

How it works

The very same procedure applies, as well as routine questions asked with bad credit loan applications, as with any other enquiry. There are no special requirements or any extra information necessary to apply. As with all applicants, Cigno will need only a few personal details and your bank statements. All data provided is stored and managed securely.

Tips regarding bad credit

  1. The best way to check your credit score - there are a number of websites where you can check your credit score for free online with credit checkers, credit reports and credit score programs.
  2. Damages to your credit score - When municipal accounts go into arrears due to late payment, this brings down your credit rating. If any account or loan is not paid, it means a poorer credit history. Cases of debt are then handed over to debt collectors, and so things can escalate as credit history deteriorates, sometimes ending in insolvency.
  3. Bankruptcy and acceptance of applications for bad credit loans – Even at this point a bad credit loan can help, and you may apply.

At Cigno, it’s never too late to discover your path to deliverance. You can easily find yourself on either side of bad credit, so be sure to get on the correct side. There is a way forward and we will show you, all the way. Join us on the winning side. Start your journey with Cigno and see the improvements in your financials, and in turn - your life!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2020

I was in financial distress and thanks to Cigno Loans I was able to secure a loan with bad credit

Sally M
— Canberra —

June 2020

I never knew I would be able to get a loan with bad credit and Cigno Loans had no problem helping me. Thank you so much

Lauren F
— Sydney —

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