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Commonwealth Bank Credit Card

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About Commonwealth Bank

Those who require specialist financial and banking solutions tailored to their needs will find Commonwealth Bank the top choice.

The group is a primary provider of integrated financial products and services in Australia.

Experience, expertise and technology

Many individuals and companies of different sizes make use of Commonwealth bank services. They offer premium banking solutions based on experience, expertise and advanced technology. Beyond providing top-class products, they reward clients for making early repayments and using their credit cards to make purchases.

The bank provides institutional banking products and services to government bodies and institutional investors. They are well known in the area for their successful fund management solutions.

Superannuation and insurance

Commonwealth Bank provides share broking and investment products and services that are designed to maximize returns. The bank is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange list, compiled to show the best performing listed companies in the country. They were able to be part of this list because they base their operations on one primary financial goal: to have a total shareholder return in the top 25% of their counterparts listed in Australia during each period of five years.

Commonwealth Bank Services

Their clients can purchase many benefits that clients can have with their credit card from the commonwealth bank.

The main benefit is that all customers receive an interest-free period on purchases of up to 55 days. They also provide travel insurance which clients can use when they travel abroad. There is a wide variety of benefits that you can have with a credit card from the Commonwealth Bank.

MasterCard PayPass - payments made easy

With MasterCard PayPass, users can make purchases under $100 by simply tapping their card. This benefit applies to all Commonwealth credit cards, with the added benefit of extended warranty insurance. Frequent Flyers can benefit significantly from the Travel Money Card, which has no annual card fee charged.

Extra security insurance

Commonwealth Bank provides clients with an added year of Warranty, on top of what manufacturers offer. With purchase security insurance, cardholders received product replacement within 90 days of purchase.

Online banking 

With online banking, customers receive instant updates on transactions and location mapping, which show them exactly where and when their card is being used. Cardholders can gain complete control over their card from any mobile device on the CommBank app.

Commonwealth Bank – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards
  • Interest Rate from 20.24%

Benefits of Commonwealth Bank

  • Quick online applications
  • Earn travel points
  • Use your card for everyday spending
  • Get rewards, bonus points and more

Comonwealth Bank Credit Cards - Credit when you need it

Commonwealth Bank offers top-of-the-range low-interest credit cards with various benefits and rewards points.

The bank makes sure that all clients have access to financial solutions by providing a variety of credit cards with different requirements, some that are easier to adhere to.

Trustworthy and unbiased service solutions

The bank provides exceptional service and performance to all clients and offers unbiased recommendations about available products. Clients can expect to receive fair requirements when applying for their credit cards and provide products that help them reach their growth goals. There are Commonwealth solutions that cater for every salary bracket.

Apply Online for a credit card 

The bank offers an online application that takes minutes to complete and seconds to approve. The application is easy to understand and comes with a low-rate credit card comparison tool that helps clients find a card that matches their needs.

If anyone should require assistance with the process or have an inquiry, they are welcome to contact the Commonwealth expert team; they will be happy to help.

55 days interest-free on all purchases

Commonwealth Bank in Sydney offers convenient, interest-free credit card options where customers can earn points as rewards. Every time clients spend a dollar by purchasing their credit card; they make two reward points. On top of receiving rewards, clients receive up to 55 days interest-free on all purchases.

Secure and safe shopping

Credit card security is there to protect clients money and information if their card gets stolen. Cardholders can freeze their account instantly from their app, and CommonBank will immediately stop the bill from their side as soon as they are notified.

What Commonwealth Bank rewards have to offer

  • Use Awards points in-store for your purchases at Myer.
  • Redeeming points for travel is easy at Flight Centre. no blackout dates – choose clients can save, airline, destination at any time
  • A vast range of gifts, merchandise, cash back and more
  • Redeem points for other travel arrangements - Velocity Rewards (Virgin Frequent Flyer Program), Qantas Frequent Flyer points.
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Commonwealth Bank is a trusted & reliable provider of credit cards

In our review, Commonwealth Bank adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ Commonwealth Bank is a registered credit provider in Australia: ACL 234945

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

They have the experience, the expertise and the technology. If you are looking for a lender that has it all then look no further than Commonwealth Bank – they know how to do finance the right way...

Jason S
— Katherine —

April 2019

I feel extra safe with my Commonwealth Bank credit card. Their new and improved transaction tracking will provide instant updates of location and transactions made so that I know when and where m...

Parker B
— Brisbane —

May 2019

Apply online for a credit card today! I could not believe my eyes – it is so rare that things can be dealt with online that I was totally blown away by this! I was able to do everything right fro...

Marshall A
— Gladstone —

June 2019

Fair rates, affordable charges and low fees – what more could I ask for? Community First has saved me so much money in the long run. They are truly amazing.

Taylor B
— Goldcoast —

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