Using the best Credit cards with Reward programs

Best Credit cards with Reward programs
The best credit cards with reward programs

Everyone loves reward programs which come with credit cards.

Usually, you get a reward point for each dollar that you spend. You will get a portion of the money which you spend with the card back. The rewards can come in the form of cash, discounted and free flights, shopping discounts, gift cards and special treats like luxury spa treatments.

The benefits of owning a credit card with reward program are obvious, but you have to take into account the other features as well. These cards usually come with higher interest rates than the ones which do not offer rewards. Furthermore, you may have to reach certain spending thresholds in order to be able to access the rewards. This is another notable drawback.

For these reasons, you should evaluate the terms and conditions of the card and of the reward program carefully before you make a final decision.

The ideal Credit card reward program

Use the tips below to recognize the ideal credit card with reward program in Australia for you.

Compare as many credit cards & reward programs as possible

In this way, you will be able to pick the most affordable and beneficial card. You need to check the terms and conditions which apply to the claiming of the rewards specifically. Pay special attention to the period of validity of the rewards.

Choose a program where you get products which you buy regularly for less

In this way, you will be able to make the most out of the discounts and other special deals. Just do not miss to confirm that you will be able to use these benefits with the retailers that you usually shop from.

Avoid spending more than you usually do

You should not go for a credit card which causes to you over spend in order to get rewards. In this case, you will actually not be able to generate considerable or any savings. Besides, you can easily get into debt. It is best to pick a reward program which corresponds to your spending habits and which is affordable for you to use.

Use the rewards before they expire

With proper planning, you will be able to generate maximum savings. If you do not make full use of the rewards, the card may be a waste of money.

Use the discounts for buying products which you really need

The fact that you have discounts does not mean that you have to use them. It is certainly not wise to buy a luxury item which is well beyond your means for the sake of exploiting a discount. You need to avoid spending more than you can afford for the purpose of using the reward points.

Popular & reliable direct lenders offering Credit cards

  1. NAB Credit card


    • Low annual fees
    • NAB rewards points
    • Interest from 13.99%
  2. ANZ Credit card


    • Starting from $1,000
    • Low rate cards
    • Interest from 12.49%
  3. Aussie Credit card


    • Online pre-approval
    • Flexible repayments
    • Interest from 12.49%
  4. Coles Credit card


    • Compare credit cards
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Interest from 12.99%