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NAB Credit Card

  • Low annual fees
  • NAB rewards points
  • Low-interest starting from 13.99%

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About NAB

NAB Australia provides top-of-the-range financial services to their clients, using an easy online application process.

The company is committed to its Australian customers and their financial needs. They are responsible for providing convenient, beneficial service and adding value to every client's personal and financial goals.

Skilled and experienced consultants

The NAM team comprises skilled and experienced consultants who have years of experience in the financial industry. They are well-equipped to assist clients with their needs and help them move forward toward a better financial future.

Earn reward points

NAB credit cards in Australia come with many benefits, including rewards earned with each purchase. On top of receiving a fair amount of credit according to their limit, clients receive points for using this credit to make purchases. They can later redeem their rewards to use as gift cards or even to buy flights.

Control your finances 

Online banking gives clients the means to be able to bank from anywhere and at any time. It is secure and convenient and available with all credit card options.

Internet banking allows customers to do their everyday banking tasks and keep track of their finances from their phone or tablet. The NAB app can be downloaded on any smartphone and provides the same benefits as online banking but is more organized.

NAB Services

NAB in Australia offers clients a variety of credit card options, each with its unique benefits.

Clients can thus make sure that they receive a product that matches their needs.

Security services 

NAB offers a variety of services and expertise that can help customers who need help and support

  • Financial hardship- NAB has many systems in place to help those going through financial hardship.
  • Accessibility- With online banking and the online application, more clients have access to NAB financial services. '
  • Security - Clients can inquire and learn about the methods to protect their finances from frauds and scams.

Rewards cards come with many benefits

Clients that opt for a rewards credit card receive :

  • Free insurance
  • A personal concierge
  • No interest on purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 months
  • 3% cash advance rate
  • Velocity Frequent Flyer Points

NAB: low fee credit card

The low-fee card option has the same benefits as the Premium rewards credit card, but it doesn't include earning reward points. Clients will end up saving money towards interest in the long run.

NAB – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards
  • Interest Rate from 13.99%

Benefits of NAB

  • Get free insurance
  • No interest for 15 months
  • Frequent flyer point rewards
  • Use your card for every spending

NAB Credit Cards offer value added rewards every time you swipe

Not only does NAB offer valuable financial products, but they also provide expert fraud protection, which is a security measure that alerts the client and the bank of any potential fraud.

For customers who like rewards and a low fee can opt for the NAB Qantas Rewards Card. It has the same benefits as mentioned above, but it includes 25K bonus Qantas points; only if clients use the card for everyday purchases in a 90-day time frame.

The company promises to pay back all the money for the client who ended up being a victim of this type of crime.

Free second card

Clients can inquire about receiving a second card for free, about giving to an additional cardholder such as the client's wife or husband. The person who gets the second credit card also gets the security options on their card.

The latest technological features

The newest feature added to NAB credit cards is the tap your card option, where clients can conveniently tap their card on the credit card machine for purchases under $100. This method is most secure because the card never has even to leave the client's hands.

Compare credit cards

Use the NAB Credit card comparison tool to find more information about the credit cards on offer. Select cards to see their special offers, interest rates and fees charged. Those who are unsure about what they want to get can compare cards using information about what they will use the card for and the most important benefits.

NAB StraightUp Card

The NAB straight-up card is the newest craze because clients don't pay towards interest, late payments or international transactions. They can choose between 2 credit limits for this card option, namely

Benefits and considerations

This is how NAB straight-up works

  • Choose a suitable credit limit from the three above options
  • Pay a stable monthly fee instead of interest
  • The price gets added to the client's minimum monthly payment and reversed if no purchases are made.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2019

If you find yourself in need of additional cash why not earn some benefits at the same time? Sometimes we all need a little financial help and the NAB credit card has given me the boost that I ne...

Laura F
— Darwin —

May 2019

With extensive years in the trade you can definitely put your faith in the NAB staff. They are efficient and do not keep you waiting. When you need something done they get on it immediately.

Paul F
— Katherine —

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