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About James Cook University

Being in an area that is beautiful and unique, our students have the greatest opportunities to study our ecosystems and iconic landscapes.

From land to the reef, students have the resources at their fingertips, to get real-life first-hand knowledge of the surroundings as they study them. JCU is devoted to research and is internationally known for its environments which include everything from science to biodiversity.

Learn, grow and be great 

JCU is one of the largest leading educational institutes in Australia. We specialise in getting students the education they need to be great!

We achieve excellence, and through a vision of being a standout in education, we are fast becoming a world-class institute. Recognised around the globe, students are lining up to be part of our story. We provide students with the knowledge, and the platform to be the best they can be, now and for their future journey in the outside world.

James Cook University Services

JCU In Australia will be able to offer student loans to those who take their education seriously.

We offer student loans and financial support for students who have the potential to show great results, but just don’t have the finances to get there.

Our loan options

We have a number of options our students can choose from which include student loans for students who need a loan to cover their tuition, and are obliged to pay their personal loan off over the term of their studies.

We also offer support and grants, for students who don’t have any financial means but show excellence and the potential to be extraordinary.

Government HELP loans:

  • HECS - Commonwealth supported students 
  • SA - students who want to defer payment of their SSA Fee
  • FEE - domestic fee-paying students 
  • OS - students who study overseas through an exchange program

James Cook University – Student loan

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Benefits of James Cook University

  • Affordable personal loans
  • Student loans to cover study expenses

Student loan calculator

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JCU student loans, for the good of our future learners

Students can apply for a scholarship in the range of between $1,000 and $15,000 to use towards their studies, as well as their rent, textbooks and general student living as well as apply for finance elsewhere at their discretion. 

JCU, Australia’s university of excellence helping students get their student loans to study further.

Experience and knowledge

We have the experience and the knowledge in the educational industry to avail our students the opportunities to take their studies further whether through a student loan or personal resources.

We were established in 1970, and have grown extensively over the years.

We have extended our campuses to Brisbane as well as cities like Cairns, Singapore and Townsville we have also connected our institute to with smaller studies Mount Isa, Thursday Island and Mackay.

Our students come from all walks of life

We have the surroundings, the presence and the experience to stake students to another level. We provide education to a diverse cultural campus, full of students who have the same goal, to make the best of their lives, and their studies.

Our courses include a wide range of choices including Arts, Biomedical Sciences, Business, Creative Media, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Healthcare Sciences, Information Technology, Law, Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Pharmacy, Planning, Psychological Science, Science, Social Work, Sustainability and Veterinary Science.

Detailed information on loan options

These courses all come with a price, thus JCU offers student loans and scholarships to assist students in getting through the term of their course.

Students can get government financial assistance which offers financial help to students who need student finance.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

I didn’t encounter any technical difficulties while applying for the James Cook University loan.

Amy J
— Canberra —

March 2019

James Cook University has employed great people. They will always go through extensive ends to ensure that you get yourself an affordable loan offer.

Amber A
— Perth —

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