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About Deakin

Deakin in Australia has a 5-star rating as one of the top educational institutes in the country.

Our devoted service delivery is created in line with our students and giving them the best possible facilities to study the subjects they excel in. Our students can get student loans to assist them to get to where they need to be in the world. We ensure our students receive the education at a level that will make them ready to go out into the world.

Challenges faced by students

Keeping abreast the educational challenges that are faced by students, which are usually in the form of financial issues, we do our best to get students what they need to further their education, without worrying about how they are going to pay for it.

Producing high-calibre graduates

Our students have a higher level of education, making them an asset to the employment pool. Our teachers and lecturers are updated with the latest teaching methods and are encouraged to take the standard higher, ensuring we produce a higher calibre graduate.

Deakin Services

Deakin in Australia can provide student finance solutions for our students to ensure they can get the studies they need.

Students can take advantage of our student loan platform, by registering on the webpage, and adding in the personal criteria. We have a wide range of educational programs to choose from, where students would make their initial assessment of their personal finance journey. By finding what they want to study, they can get a quote on the costs involved, taking into account the need for rental costs and textbooks.

A range of services and guidance:

  • Support services – offering advice on where you would like your career to go. Making this decision is the choice, also determining what you are going to study.
  • Student administration – assisting in the enrolments and administrations of new students.
  • Domestic admission requirements – medical students can get special support from medical practices interested in hiring you after your internship is completed.
  • Disability support services - provides guidance and support for students with disabilities and special support they may need during their studies.

Deakin – Student loan

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Benefits of Deakin

  • Tailored student loans
  • Scholarships

Student loan calculator

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Deakin Student Loans - Taking our students further

Deakin in Australia is a world-class educational institute providing world-class educational service to students who are serious about their future.

We have four decades of experience in the industry which has given us the opportunity to earn our name in the country and around the world with awards as the leading tertiary education provider.

Top-class education

Our annual student count covers over 53 000 students offering a top-class education of the highest calibre and one of the highest pass rates. Many of these students take out student, personal and quick loans to pay for their studies.

We offer our students high tech innovative technology; the most educated and experienced lecturers and a history of researchers that have taken education to a whole new level.

The support and services we offer

From a diverse space of support, we help students from beginning to end of the educational journey with us.

We equip them with the tools and the knowledge they need to further their studies. We are always looking ahead, to future possibilities and adapting to changes in the educational prospect.

Achieve your dreams through Deakin

We prepare our students for what they are working towards and equipping them with the means, support and knowledge through cutting edge technology and research to get them on top of their future dreams.

Get the support you need

When our students need financial support to help them with their tuition, we provide proactive student loan facilities to help them get the education they need to succeed. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

Applying for the Deakin loan was one of the easiest things I did all day. Great convenience I experienced throughout the entire loan application.

Zoe W
— Melbourne —

May 2019

If you looking for an affordable loan offer, Deakin is your best shot at getting a reasonable advance plan.

Phillip B
— Warwick —

June 2019

Deakin has always made sure that I am happy with my loan and that I can actually afford to pay it on a monthly basis.

Noah R
— Sydney —

Deakin Contact

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  • 221 Burwood Highway , Burwood VIC , 3125 , Australia

Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:30 – 17:00
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