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About Quick Fix Loans

Quick Fix Loans offers Australians alternative credit products.

With us, you can get a secured personal loan online in just a few simple steps!

Experience and Reliability

Quick Fix Loans has been in the lending business for a decade and a half - has become one of the most trusted and fair lenders in the country through hard work, dedication and fair lending practices that have stuck with us from day 1. We're reliable and experienced so when you take out a short-term loan with us you know you're in good hands.

Simple and Effective

Unlike other payday lenders and online credit providers we don’t talk your ear off or make unrealistic promises and boastful claims - we simply tell you what you need to know - nothing more and nothing less. Our application process really is simple and yes, you can get the money on the very same day that you apply but, no - we can't offer you a magical instant cash loan.

Quick Fix Loans Services

At Quick Fix Loans we help people that need cash really quickly get it - plain and simple. 

What are Secured Loans?

Secured loans are loans that anyone can get -all you need to do is offer up a vehicle as security and we'll give you up to 70% of the vehicle resale value in cash - on the spot. Secured loans are usually offered on the equity that someone owns on their home or motor vehicle but, at Quick Fix Loans we only accept vehicles since we only offer short term loans.

Online Cash Loans

You can apply to get a secured personal micro-loan with us online. We will then contact you to proceed with the application and arrange for the security to be picked up or delivered to our secure storage facility where it will be kept for the duration of the loan term. If you need a quick cash loan with no hidden fees - we're the lender who can provide it - quickly and easily. 

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Benefits of Quick Fix Loans

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Quick loan calculator

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Quick & affordable credit options available from Quick Fix Loans

Perhaps you're more familiar with the term "pawn loan" - this is where someone will take an item of value like a car, an electronic appliance, jewellery or a bike to a pawnbroker who will then appraise the item and offer a percentage of that value in cash.

Once the borrower repays the loan plus interest they can then pick up the item and the deal is then concluded. At Quick Fix Loans we do just about the same thing but we work exclusively with vehicles.

Types of Vehicle we Accept

First and foremost the vehicle that you offer up as security must be 100% unencumbered - meaning that you must own the vehicle 100% - no outstanding payments, leased or borrowed items will be accepted at any point and under any circumstances. The types of vehicles that we accept include manual and automatic cars, bikes, scooters, boats, caravans, jet-skis, trucks and even construction and farming vehicles. As long as you own the vehicle 100% and can allow the vehicle to be stored in our storage facility for the duration of the loan - we can offer you a personal cash loan on the same day!

What we do and do not do

We are a very direct lender who will always tell you exactly what we can and cannot do - if your vehicle is not an acceptable form of security or you do not own it outright we will not be able to help you - it's as simple as that. If we offer you a loan amount for your vehicle and this is below the amount that you need or had expected we cannot help you. Our quick loans are designed to give you access to a cash loan in exchange for a vehicle that is kept as security until the loan and any interest is paid in full. Whatever it is we will always be open, honest and direct and we appreciate it when our customers are too!

No Credit Check

We are not a bank and we do not offer payday loans either - we offer quick cash loans in exchange for a vehicle that will be stored with us for the duration of the agreement. To get a loan from Quick Fix Loans - you do not have to have good credit since we will not even run a credit check before processing your application and evaluating the security that you intend to provide. We will reserve our right to run a credit check but we are simply not that kind of lender and can help just about everyone who has an adequate form of security with a short-term loan. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

Quick Fix Loans has been helping me for a number of years. I would never use a different credit provider because they have always given me affordable loan deals.

Natalie K
— Mount Isa —

July 2019

Thanks to Quick Fix Loans for having a standard interest rate fee on their loan offers.

Marcus M
— Lismore —

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