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Cash Smart

  • Quick cash loans up to $2,000
  • Low-interest starting from 4%
  • Repayment up to 24 weeks

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About Cash Smart

At Cash Smart, they provide direct short-term loans that will help you get the money you need within no time.

They are a lender that keeps their promises and delivers quick cash to your account within minutes!

Explicit lender

Cash Smart is a direct lender, therefore they won't waste your time by making you complete unnecessary application forms like you would have to do when applying for a short-term loan through a dealer. With Cash Smart, all you have to do is complete one loan application form online and they will then filter your loan for approval.

Quick and easy loans for up to $2,000

As registered lenders, Cash Smart abides by a set of standards that allows them to encourage their customers that they're trading with an experienced company.

Whether you're looking for a small and quick loan online of just $200 or a bigger loan amount of $2,000,  Cash Smart can help you get it in an easy, quick, and responsible manner.

Cash Smart Services

At Cash Smart, they offer small short-term loans that are reasonable, affordable and manageable to get.

They are reliable, responsible, and well-established, which leaves them with something to be proud of. No matter what your financial needs may be, Cash Smart can provide you with a financial solution within minutes.

Getting the quick cash you need today

Banks and conventional lenders may not be inclined to advance you with smaller amounts of cash as it can be an administrative nightmare with little as to nothing profit.

Therefore at Cash Smart, they offer payday loans from as little as $100 all the way up to $2,000 so you can get just enough to take care of the less expensive as well as the overly expensive expenses and purchases.

Best lending practices

Cash Smart is devoted to the ethical lending requirement that has been put into place. They will always ensure their customers are in a fairly stable financial situation before authorizing any sort of loan.

Cash Smart – Quick loan

  • Loan Type Quick cash loans
  • Interest Rate from 4%
  • Loan Amount up to $2,000
  • Repayment 9 weeks to 24 weeks

Benefits of Cash Smart

  • Apply 100% online
  • Low interest rates
  • Quick and affordable loans

Quick loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This quick loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Applying for a fast loan at Cash Smart is easy

They are transparent about their fees and rates, which are available on their website for customers to consider. Once you've decided how much money you want to borrow you can then find their online application page and begin the application process.

At Cash Smart, you get the choice to either apply online through their website or you can visit their local branch to do your application process in person.

One of their staff members will then assist you in specifying a loan amount as well as loan terms that would best suit your needs. They will also be of assistance while you are busy completing the application process.

Apply for an online quick loan today

When you apply for a loan online you get to save not only time but money as well. With Cash Smart, loans are made available online which allows you to sign your loan agreement electronically within any difficulty. The entire quick loan application process has been made so easy, quick as well as effortlessly.

Quick loan application AU

If at any point during your quick loan application process you require assistance or have any queries you can easily contact Cash Smart telephonically, by email or via their website and one of their staff members will immediately be able to help you.

Their application procedure has gone through major improvements to ensure that their customers can apply for a quick loan with ease. Cash Smart is optimistic regarding the fact that they are certainly among the most streamlined on the market.

Quick cash loan requirements

Cash Smart will request your personal and contact information, address, employment and earning information as well as your identification and payslips among other documents.

These documents and bits of information are used to prove that Cash Smart can stand by their promise, which is to be a reliable and accountable lender, to help ensure their customers that they can offer you the loan you can afford.

Safe and secure loans

When you apply at Cash Smart, you are guaranteed that your information will be kept safe and secure. They are trustworthy and will not use or distribute any of your details to any other lenders or brokers.

To process your loan application they will require some details and supporting information from you, however, they will request only the necessary information which will allow them to process your short-term loan application.

From the beginning, Cash Smart has strived to make things as simple and painless for their customers as possible. Years later, they are still upholding their policy as well as getting better and better by the day.

Extraordinary customer service

As a registered and responsible lender, Cash Smart will always do its best to give you the most affordable and accessible rate as well as helping you throughout the application process. Their staff are available to assist you at any time, whether you need help or just have a question about their quick loans or procedures.

They have their client's best interest at heart, therefore they will never charge you any late repayment fees, as long as you contact them to discuss an alternative arrangement. If you want to find out more about Cash Smart loans and services please visit their website or contact them telephonically!

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Cash Smart is a trusted & reliable provider of quick cash loans

In our review, Cash Smart adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ Cash Smart is a registered credit provider in Australia: ACL 388992

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

Applying for a Cash Smart loan was fast, easy and convenient.

Zoe K
— Perth —

March 2019

The interest rates that I pay at Cash Smart have allowed me to be able to meet my other financial obligations.

Oliver H
— Broome —

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