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About RACV Finance

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria was founded in December 1903. For over 110 years, RACV has served the community of Victoria devotedly.

Education and environmental impact 

Our club has been the major advocate for motor cars and road safety. We are a major advocacy body on all types of problems relating to motoring and mobility. We play a leading role in the field of education and environmental impact related to motoring. We provide first-class services, products and facilities to our members throughout the state.

At present, we have some 29,000 club members and more than 2 million members. We have come a long way since the founding of the club in 1903.

We have a city club rated with 5 stars

The forming of our club was preceded by a rail strike during which automobiles were used for delivering the papers instead of the traditional rail transport. Motor car and motorcycle outings were organised and they gathered. When the club was founded, some members did not have a car, but everyone was passionate about automobiles.

RACV Finance Services

With an RACV debt consolidation loan, you can reduce your personal debt and enjoy a variety of other benefits. It involves pooling all outstanding balances on personal loans, credit cards and even car loans into a single account.

Manage your debt effectively

You will manage your debt effectively by making just a single payment on a regular basis.

There are several factors that make the RACV debt consolidation loan stand out. You will be able to take advantage of low-interest rates and fees which are highly competitive. Our professional service eliminates the stress and hassle of the consolidation process.

We have quick approval

You can get approved over the phone without wasting any time.

Once you have got approved, you simply need to visit one of our local offices and sign the loan documents. You will collect the cheque on the spot. We can organise the settlement by mail to make things more convenient for you.

RACV Finance – Debt consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation
  • Repayment 1 year to 7 years

Benefits of RACV Finance

  • Fast loan approvals
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Affordable monthly repayment
  • Become debt-free

RACV Finance – Your debt consolidation solution

Debt consolidation loans from RACV Finance are assisting residents of Sydney to get on track with their finances.

RACV will scale back personal debt through a unique RACV debt consolidation loan. RACV consolidation loans give debt relief by giving you the opportunity to consolidate all your debt into one.

This includes:

Consolidating all of your current loans and debts into one will enable you to repay only one loan which is a lot more manageable and cuts out all those extra interests rates on each of the loans you have accumulated.

Debt consolidation loan options include:

  • Low-interest rates - RACV consolidation loan rates are competitive, fees are low and our service guarantees you minimal hassles.
  • Fast approval - you'll get quick over the phone approval.

Once your debt consolidation loan is approved - merely drop into our offices in Sydney, sign the documents and acquire your cheque, it’s that straightforward.

For your convenience, we will conjointly organise your settlement by mail.

If you're not utterly satisfied with your RACV finance loan, you'll come to the complete loan quantity and, if the online loan is paid out and finalised within the time frame of 21 days from the date the loan was funded RACV Finance will:

  • Refund all application fees and any interest charged;
  • Waive the termination fee (ETF); and
  • Cancel any personal line of credit insurance or contract taken out and refund all premiums of the loan

Apply for a debt consolidation loan

  • Use our easy online application.
  • The frequency of repayment terms can be Monthly or Fortnightly.
  • Pay off your loan in up to 7 years.

Now it’s easier than ever to get rid of all debt hanging over your head. Put everything into one basket and pay off only one single loan. We will assist you with all the queries you have regarding your debt consolidation loan.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

July 2019

Manage your debt effectively with the assistance of RACV Finance. They helped me get back onto the right track with their debt consolidation loan option. Give them a call and see how they can hel...

Cassandra M
— Darwin —

January 2019

With fast loan approval and low interest rates, RACV is not only the popular choice but the right one. Save money and get back onto track with one of their debt consolidation loans!

David H
— Katherine —

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