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Virgin Money

  • Earn velocity points
  • Interest free days
  • Low-interest starting from 6.9%

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About Virgin Money

We, at Virgin Money, provide financial products and services which are designed to match the needs of Australian consumers fully.

In addition to catering to the needs of our clients, we help our staff, partners and shareholders to be better off as well. We support actively the communities of all places where we operate.

Financial products of high value

We will give you a better than expected deal easily and quickly no matter whether you need a personal loan, a credit card or a home loan.

We provide personal attention to our customers and understand their needs fully. When you come to us, we will find the ideal solution for you quickly.

A major alternative to the big banks

Our main goal is to leave you better off. Virgin Money is a company with a global presence. We operate in the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa as well as in Australia.

We share the common goal of the family of Virgin brands - to deliver better and faster credit deals provided by real people. 

Virgin Money Services

Our purchase rate offer gives you a Virgin Money credit card with 0% p.a. on all purchases which you make and on all balances which you transfer for a period of 9 months.

After this period expires, the ongoing interest rate will be charged on purchases and the cash advance rate will be charged on balance transfer amounts that remain unpaid.

Deals on flights

Our exclusive reduced flights deal is a top choice for you if you travel together with a friend on Virgin domestic saver fares up to 4 times every year. 

Need a balance transfer card?

Our balance transfer deal gives you 0% p.a. on all balance transfers for the first 14 months. After the expiration of the interest-free period, all unpaid amounts will be charged the quick loan advance rate. You can also earn triple Velocity Points during the first 18 months of holding the card.

Virgin Money – Credit card

  • Loan Type Credit cards
  • Interest Rate from 6.9%

Benefits of Virgin Money

  • No interest on balance transfers for 12 months
  • Competitive purchase rates
  • No annual fees
  • Low rate credit cards

Virgin Money Credit Cards - no queues no fuss!

Virgin Money Credit Cards in Australia offer a product that you will just love.

The convenience of being able to swipe your card every time you dine out, shop at your favourite store or pay those unexpected bills that you didn’t budget for is 100% yours. You get a little more than expected with your Virgin Money Credit Card. We have four fantastic credit card options for our customers.

Earn velocity points every time you swipe your card. The more you swipe, the more you earn. With no annual fee, you can afford to reap the benefits of this fantastic credit card offer.

Quality products & excellent service

Virgin Money in Australia is well known for its excellent customer service, and quality products. Giving our clients the added advantage of receiving the latest innovative financial offerings in the country. Your credit card has so many uses.

Credit cards will create it easier for the shopping experience for things you want. If you do not wish to carry massive of money with a credit card will create shopping for things easier.

Credit cards may provide you with additional protection if one thing you bought is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Use your card to keep track of expenses

Each credit card statement will vouch for the very fact that you purchased the item, with the date and store where it was bought.

Having a decent credit history is vital, not only for applying for low-interest credit cards but further along the line when you wish to take out a loan.

Your credit validation on your credit card will be proof that you are able to manage your finances.

Credit cards are helpful in emergencies

Generally, emergencies (such as your automobile breaking down or flood or fire) could cause an oversized purchase such as having to rent accommodation or get a rental car and although an emergency loan may be available - using your card is quicker.

Those unaware of their credit card benefits are purely missing out on this incredible offer.

The unique benefits

Our credit cards supply extra advantages, like discounts from specific stores or corporations, bonuses like free airline miles or travel discounts, and special insurances (like travel insurance).

The advantages are real and may be useful as long as you keep in mind your credit limits. 

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Virgin Money is a trusted & reliable provider of credit cards

In our review, Virgin Money adheres to the compliance criteria in accordance with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, where the granting the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.

✅ Virgin Money is a registered credit provider in Australia: ACL 238098

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2019

Virgin is an awesome alternative to other financial institutions and lenders. They treat you like an individual and understand that we are unable to afford high fees and charges. I love their ser...

Mike G
— Bathurst —

May 2019

If variety is what you need then look no further than Virgin; they offer a wide selection of credit cards all with their own benefits and perks. Give their website a look and you will see for you...

Julie H
— Kempsey —

June 2019

My credit card from Virgin has helped me out of more than one sticky situation. A credit card is an awesome alternative to potentially high interest short-term loans and you still get the benefit...

Peter M
— Maitland —

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