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About Smart Search Finance

With Smart Search Finance Loans, you can access a wide range of business loans that are designed to help you meet the financial needs of your business.

Online business loans

The wide selection of online loans increases your chances of finding the most suitable credit facility for you. You can use expert assistance with the selection of a loan. As a business owner, you have to calculate the cost of borrowing precisely and ensure that it fits into your cash management strategy. You need to select the best type of interest rate and loan repayment structure for your business. You have to decide on the asset or set of assets that you will provide as security. You can rely on expert assistance at every step of the way towards obtaining a business loan.

Smart Search Finance Services

We offer finance solutions for property, development and business start and growth.

Reliable loans

We know that it is often challenging for small and medium-sized businesses in Australia to obtain finance from major banks. That is why we offer reliable alternatives. 

Smart Search Commercial Loans work not only with the big banks but with small independent finance companies. These companies are often able to show greater flexibility and to take into consideration the individual circumstances of entrepreneurs as well as their financial performance, wealth and creditworthiness.

Smart Search Finance – Business loan

  • Loan Type Business loans
  • Interest Rate from 2.5%

Benefits of Smart Search Finance

  • Smart business finance
  • Easily compare terms and interest rates
  • A transparent business loan process

Business loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This business loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

We will find a business loan solution to suit your individual needs.

We have a commitment to our clients to offer value for money, low-interest rates, and a simple solution to your business loan requirements.

Smart Search Commercial Loans offer business loans in Australia, to new and existing companies.

You can take advantage of a network that consists of hundreds of lenders in Australia. The network includes both banks and finance companies operating in the entire country.

Transparency & best interest rates

No matter what your financial business needs, we have you covered. We offer a wide range of business loan solutions for small, medium and large corporations. We work in line with all major banking institutions, to ensure transparency and best interest rates throughout your payment terms. Business loans can be used for a number of areas in the business sector.

We assist new businesses in their quest for property purchases, development of existing or new purchased properties and business financing. With over 3000 products available through our innovative resourcing data available to our customers. The choice is endless, and there is something for everyone. Specialist business lending facilities vary from lender to lender. We also offer short term finance should you wish to cover the loan in a shorter period of time.

Banking solutions

We offer full-scale banking solutions designed to suit the needs of modern businesses operating in different industries. We focus on lending to specialist businesses. We have a range of products available from different lenders. We specialise in franchise lending as well. We can help you to secure a loan for buying a franchise business from a major bank.

We offer receivable finance and short term loans as well.

Smart Search Loans is the largest loan listing lender throughout Australia.

We will find a business loan solution to suit your individual needs. We know that no two businesses are alike. Each company requires special needs, facilities, and loan requirements. We will source the right option for you, with the guidance of banking institutes and lenders who are available to finance your business loan.

Referrals are sent to only one of the following advisors:

  • Lender representatives of any lender that you express interest in seeking finance
  • ASIC registered credit representatives (mortgage brokers) only if you enquired about a mortgage
  • Insurance brokers if you enquired about any type of personal insurance

It takes a click of a button to make your next move. Contact us today, and get the business loan you need in quick response times.

Our expert staff are always available to take your call and assist with enquiries.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2019

Excellent service!

Anna R
— Launceston —

October 2018

I’ve recommended Smart Search Finance to a couple friends and family because I had a really good experience with them when they helped me with a business loan.

Miro A
— Sydney —

September 2018

Their consultants are always on-hand to give assistance whenever you need it.

William S
— Cairns —

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